Picture2.png• Imagine being born in a rural Ethiopian village during the latter part of the 1980s Famine, the youngest of 4 children, with your mum dying when you were just a toddler, so that you were raised by your sister who was barely 7 when she took on that role.

Imagine being so desperate to get an education that at the age of 12 you ran away from home so as to be able to attend school in the town of Lalibela, some 8 kms away.

Imagine sleeping on the streets, while attending school for half the day and doing whatever odd jobs you could find in order to get money for school fees and food during the other half.

Imagine doing your homework, sitting under a street light.

Imagine reaching your final year at school, and discovering that you needed to attend school full time now in order to graduate.

amlaku_dream_title.pngImagine, having been raised in the Ethiopian Orthodox Church, crying out to God to rescue you once again, to open up a path for you.

Imagine the very next day, being hired to show a stranger, a visitor from New Zealand, around a 900 year old church some 45 kms from the town.

Imagine plucking up all your courage, and saying to that New Zealander, as you emerged from the church, ‘Please Sir, I want to go to university.’

Imagine your joy when that New Zealander, having talked it through with family and friends back home, said ‘yes, we will support you.’

This sort of situation is exactly what Bricks for Life, Incorporated, was set up for. To supply the need, to build up people and the community, one brick at a time.


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