YouTube Bricks For Life AGM 2019

This is the Video of the 2019 Bricks For Life Inc AGM.  Many thanks to Sarah Ridsdale for creating this presentation.

The video is for those who were not able to attend on the day - and for those who wish to review it.

AGMs are boring - right?? Not this one! 

After a brief mention of income and expenditure over the past year, Ric Foxley reports on the remarkable progress made over the last 12 months - illustrating his talk with lots of pictures. Alan Stuart then describes the bridge building project, again illustrated with photos and video clips, and then Ken Pratt talks about the precision planters recently introduced to the village in memory of his son, Sam, who was tragically killed in a tractor accident a few years back. Ric then looks to the future of the project, and also to Amlaku's future.

So, yes, it is 55 minutes long, but you will  be excited and we hope deeply moved about where the project has got to now. Enjoy!

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