Days For Girls

The mission of Days for Girls is simple: To create a more dignified, free and educated world through access to lasting feminine hygiene solutions.

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They do this by having volunteers make reusable sanitary kits that will last for around 3.5 years. 

We have sent more than 100 of these kits to Amlaku's village. Ric took 60 of them when he visited in October 2015, and was present at the distribution. The women and girls absolutely love them. One woman he met had had a bleeding problem. She just bled all the time, and without having knickers (which are included in the kits) was in real trouble, as she spent a lot of time squatting on the dusty floor while cooking on her fire. A Days for Girls kit had quite simply transformed her life!

This is such a simple thing, something that most Aid Agencies and others wouldn't even think about, and yet what an incredible difference a kit makes to the life of a girl or woman 'over there'. Their traditional way of dealing with their monthly periods is to withdraw from school, normal work and other activities, and to use whatever is to hand to contain the bleeding - anything from rags to newspaper to grass. 

 We are keen to have these made locally in Lalibela to save on transportation costs from New Zealand, and are currently looking for seed funding for this project. There is a tailor there prepared to make them, we just need to assist him in purchasing the materials he needs.

Use the Contact us page to discuss this issue with us. We'd love to hear from you.

Volunteers in Palmerston North meet to produce kits.

60 kits in a big cardboard box en route to Lalibela with Ric in

October 2015

Many and varied were our means of transport. I was inside the cab,

Amlaku & the kits were perched on top of hundreds of bottles of water

on an incredibly bumpy road! But we got there!

Distribution getting under way. The women were

just so excited to be receiving these kits.

Happy ladies with their kits!

This lady had received a kit from an earlier lot we had shipped over.

Here, she is explaining to the other ladies how they work.