Our thanks to the following people whose contribution to the project has helped us on our journey so much.

  • Neill Smart: His commitment to the project and his website building skills are just so much appreciated.

  • The late Brent Costley  was the original Committee Chair before his untimely death in January 2017.

  • Hamish Blyth: Another founding Committee Member, Hamish moved away from the region in 2016.

  • Tony Rinaudo from World Vision Australia: Tony is an expert on bringing agricultural life back to sub-Saharan Africa. His freely given advice and support for this project has been remarkable. Check him out on

  • Roland Bunch: Another expert in the Tony Rinaudo league, who has taken an interest in our project. Check him out on

  • Wynn Schollum: His skills in putting together the audio visual presentation on the site are very much appreciated.

    Michael Chapman and Rodney Faulkner: Both hugely knowledgeable in the area of organics and trees, we have appreciated their advice and support.

  • New Zealand Farmers Weekly: Their willingness to print an article about the project brought in a tremendous response.

There are many other people that we have not listed here who have contributed in many different ways.

Sometimes saying "thank you" does not quite seem enough, but

thank you!