Donating to Bricks for Life

The needs as of June 2018
This year, we have committed to funding all 70 farmers with sufficient fertiliser to cover all of their land (as opposed to last year, when we could only manage to fund fertiliser for a portion of their land.)
This year, they have bought their own improved seed,  funded by the sale of surplus produce from last year, when their crops were double the norm. 
Two months ago, we sent off $NZ15,000.00 to cover the first application of fertiliser, but now we need to send them the same amount to cover the second application, which they need to be using by the end of July. 
So far, the newly planted crops, aided by fertiliser and good rains, are flourishing. But they need the urea to complete the process.
Currently, we have $6,000.00 of that $15,000.00 in hand. The cost averages out at $250.00 per farmer.
Any help you can give towards this project would be hugely appreciated.

Ric Foxley
Tel 06 326 8887
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Donations can be made in several ways:

to the following bank account:
Bricks for Life Inc
A/C No. 06 0729 0613936 00,
At any branch of the ANZ Bank, using the above details,
By Cheque (NZ only please), made out to Bricks for life Inc.
These can be posted to us at:
100 Worcester St
Manawatu 4810

If you have donated by Bank Deposit or by Internet banking, please either fill in this form, or

 download a Donation form in either .docx or .pdf (sample below) to print, fill in post back to us


 Dear Ric,


I wish to contribute $__________ to support Amlaku’s
‘Seed and Fertiliser’ project in Baregota.


Payment method used:             Internet Banking

                                                 Deposit at an ANZ Branch

                                                 I have enclosed a Cheque


Cheques (NZ only please) should be made out to Bricks for life, Inc,                       

and can be posted to us at:


Bricks For Life, Inc,

100 Worcester St,
Ashhurst, 4810.



Name and address details (for receipt and acknowledgement)







Receipts will be issued, but, regrettably, are not tax deductible.



I would / would not  be prepared to contribute to the

ongoing costs of fertilisers for the next two years.

(Please cross out either ‘would’ or ‘would not’)


Thank you.