Letter from Amlaku


April 22 2020

Our dearest gracious supporters,

I don’t know where to start, it’s been a major impact you all have had on a community that was stuck living with day to day life practices from some 200-300 years back. During these past 11 historical years, you have brought our life into the modern era where we are living now. With the modern education you gave me, I equipped the community with modern practices in every aspect of their life, enabling each individual to achieve much more. We started with theoretical lessons about facts of this digitalized era to teach them at what stage they were. Later we showed how cooperating with Ric as mentor, both financially and tactically, alongside my passionate work, guided them into modern agricultural practice. At first 10 years ago, it was challenging to get their attention in accepting what I have tried to influence them orally. However, having seen applied the first experiment of growing a marvelous wheat crop on my natural father’s 5 hectares land in the dry season, they changed their position from defending their own ideas, and accepted the truth of my theoretical guidance.  

The whole story began in those days when I grew the wheat during the dry season for the first time ever in the history of my ancient community. Since then, witnessing what we had brought corporately with Ric, alongside your precious financial support, we were able to have the current enormous change to each member of the community’s life levels. I was born in this community and have a profound knowledge of our earlier life standard, and sometimes seeing the development of the community I keep asking myself, “are these whole things happened in this village because of me”? It’s absolutely marvelous.

This is the second year that we have funded the fertilizer and seeds from own income. We had a notable production last year. Above all, the introduction of irrigation during this 10 years work on the project you have funded,  enabled us to generate significant money, and enabled individuals in the community to keep busy throughout the year and generate extra money for savings. When we start the project 11 years ago, their annual production was 34%, but the current income level I have calculated is above 82%. So, our dear families, see how far we have come into this change because of your generous support for what we have been doing into bringing them to this modern development.

To your surprise, as Ric mentioned to you in his report letter, I am now back to Lalibela from Addis where I have spent most of the last six months establishing my private business, as Tour Operator. However, like everywhere else, Ethiopia has all of a sudden been struck by this tragic corona virus. Which is very risky for a person like me, who have no stable or fixed income yet. So, I came back to Lalibela, and two days later I went straight to the Baregota village community and told them how unable I am in feeding myself because of the virus. They made a unanimous decision to provide me with my basic things. Some of you may not like me approaching them for support; however, I have no other alternative choice except this community who have totally changed their income through your consecutive support for the last 11 years. I consulted Ric about my financial condition on the first outbreak if the corona virus.

My tour business was going well in shaping it as a beginner. I had the car rented out and let it generate income for the bank loan which I paid for the first two months. However, about 18 days ago, the renter gave me back the car as their clients went back home due to the virus. I could do nothing but park the car in safe storage, and went to my home town with poor financial condition to provide for my living. But thank God, the community well received me in fulfilling my basic need!

 Currently, we are approaching the planting season but before that this is the time of preparing the land for planting the crop consequently everyone is busy doing their usual work in our new methods of treating the soils. I am settled permanently in the town. However, if the virus gets worse, then I may move to the village and live there till the end of the current pandemic.

The community have paid the usual bulk amount of money for the fertilizers about 20 days ago and deliverance is due in the next one - two weeks.

To generalize, the impact your support brought in terms of the economy and education have been enormous! I and the community will always remain as the luckiest people of the century! You have changed from bottom to higher of our life!! And you will remain our all-time heroes!  What you did is what the generations will inherit, your great deed is not going to stop or evaporate anywhere, but will continue from generation to generation!! In the meantime, I call upon you to each of you who read this thank you letter from me, to make a trip to here and visit us at any time you can, thanks!

Finally, I have nothing to say, but love and appreciations for each of you there!!!

God bless and keep you all in his care!!!

Always yours, Amlaku